Looking for a simple marketing tool for your bar? FRYNX can help you!

FRYNX is a very efficient and easy to use app which helps you to do marketing for your bar through an innovative marketing concept. As a partner bar you provide our users a free welcome drink and have no other costs. Our users will then discover your bar. They will consume additional drinks or food after the free drink, bring friends with them and and will come again!

Top bars like Leo Hillinger or Addicted to Rock already trust our service. Become a FRYNX partner bar now as well and benefit instantly from professional and affordable online marketing:

The Benefits of FRYNX

Simple reporting

As a partner bar you’ll get access to our simple reporting: you’ll see exactly what drinks are redeemed through FRYNX at what time. The reports are delivered simply through e-mail, so you’ll always be well informed.

No effort & no risk

You don’t have any additional work setting up FRYNX, we’ll do everything for you from taking pictures to integrating your bar into our app. We also don’t have a minimum contract duration: Try it out, if you don’t like our service you can opt out anytime.

Additional marketing for your bar

You not only benefit from the core service of FRYNX, but also from additional marketing activities performed by us. These include our newsletter, posts on our social media pages and many more!

FRYNX is free

As opposed to other forms of advertising, FRYNX is absolutely free of charge, the only costs involved are the cost of the drink given to the customer. Thereby, FRYNX is very cost efficient: you really only pay for what you get.

New customers & more revenue

Get new customers of an attractive target group into your bar with FRYNX. They will consume more drinks or something to eat after the first free welcome drink or bring friends with them.

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